I am currently working remotely from Neenah, Wisconsin for Bank of America as an Experience Design Lead. For my complete career details and history, please visit my LinkedIn profile LinkedIn for Jay Frater.


I have developed a set of interrelated principles that have helped me achieve success both as a designer and a professional.

Whether it's building a chicken coop or delivering UI specs to the devs, I believe that if I'm going to make a commitment to doing something, I am going to do it wholeheartedly and do my best to deliver quality. "Any job worth doing is worth doing well."
I believe that collecting and analyzing behavioral data is one of the best ways to help us anticipate and understand our user's needs and guide critical design decisions. I have found behavioral data to be especially useful when direct user testing is not available or cannot be performed in adequate time.
Qualitative and/or quantiative user testing is an incredibly valuable tool and should be leveraged whenever possible. However, user tests have the potential to sidetrack or delay decisions, so should only be executed when the goals of the test are clearly outlined and agreed upon with partners. User testing can sometimes be avoided when decisions can be made leveraging existing relevant data, previously-performed user test results or good design decisions grounded in best practices or standards.
While many design decisions are instinctive to a designer, being able to articulate the reasons why a decision has been made to partners and leadership can be challenging. I've found that challenging myself to know why I've made instictive decisions can ultimately help me better explain the decision to others. Explanations I've given that are grounded in behavioral data, user test results, or references to best practices/industry standards generally builds confidence with partners and leadership that the correct design decision has been made.
Some of the best designers I know are also effective verbal and written communicators. Finding the right balance of what, when and how often to communicate progress, delegation and escalation to teammates, partners and leadership is something I strive to achieve on a daily basis.
I believe that achieving alignment through collaboration with business and technology partners is one of the most constructive accomplishments a designer can make in executing a project. Not only does it make for a more integrated and collaborative team environment, but by establishing common ground and goals, a designer can gain valuable insight that can almost always improve the design.
While I enjoy evolving my own ideas, I also know a good idea when I see or hear it. Promoting an idea, thought or concept that a teammate came up with and collaboratively evolving it has resulted in some of my most successful and rewarding designs and projects.


Bank of America
Johnson Controls
Blumenthal PAC
Time Warner Cable
Bunge North America
Kohler Company


I always seem to be be building or designing something, whether it's for others or just for myself. I can never seem to keep up with posting everything, but for a peek at other projects I have done over the years, please visit my personal site at j.fr8r.com.