Led the UX team into the "Define" phase of this strategic initiative

Reimagine Rewards Journey


During the initial "Discover" phase, the Bank of America reserach team conducted user research and facilitated workshops. At the end of the engagement, a set of design principles and experience improvement recommendations were delivered in an XD Lab Report. While there was general agreement with partners that the principles and recommendations presented in the report did indeed set a "North Star" goal for Rewards, the team was uncertain of how the esoteric principles and recommendations could be progressively executed to achieve the "North Star" goal. In preparation for transititioning to the "Define" phase, I transformed the recommendations into Features the teams could tactically discuss.


Pressure TestFirst, I conducted a Pressure Test review of the Features with the Product Strategy Leadership team. By discussing each Feature with the leadership team, we discovered which Features leadership would fully support as "Go" Features. The UX team now knew which Features could be confidently discussed in the virtual workshops we were planning to conduct. We also discovered which Features leadership were more skeptical about and would not support in their current form. These Features were placed into a backlog for further assessment or additional research.


Next, the UX team leveraged InVision Freehand to conduct Virtual Workshops. We asked our partners to perform a series of exercises that would build empathy and understanding with how our customers may react or feel about the Features as we delivered them over the next 3 years.

Workshop Exercise


Now that alignment on Features was attained across partners and stakeholders, we needed to prioritize them. By synthesizing data and feedback gathered during the workshops, we leveraged a version of the Atlassian Prioritization Matrix to identify the "Must do", "Nice to Have" and "Backlog" Features.

Prioritization Matrix


"Experience Roadmaps are a way for teams to plan their work in concert with the Product Roadmap."
Creating an Experience Roadmap, Matthew Cunningham,

To illustrate the intersections between the prioritized Features and the funded projects on the Product Roadmap, an Experience Roadmap was constructed. Now, at a glance, stakeholders and partners had a visual narrative of what, when and why changes to digital experiences would occur for our rewards customers over the next 3 years.

Experience Roadmap